Spouting Cylinder: Torricelli's Theorem

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Investigate two concepts at once! Explore Torricelli’s theorem qualitatively with this acrylic spouting cylinder, and utilize Bernoulli's general equation to empirically show that liquids also have to obey the laws of conservation of energy. Three evenly spaced spouting nozzles allow students to witness water exiting the cylinder under different pressures. Allow all three to flow, or apply the included stoppers to investigate the flow of each individually.

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Engage students with our clear acrylic Spouting Cylinder. This versatile tool invites exploration of Torricelli’s theorem, an equation that essentially equates the kinetic energy of the fluid exiting an opening to the potential energy it possesses due to its height above the opening. Students observe water exiting the cylinder under controlled pressure increments. With three strategically positioned spouting nozzles, students will be able to investigate individual flow rates and witness firsthand the varying pressures at different heights.

The Spouting Cylinder highlights Bernoulli's equation, stating that the total mechanical energy per unit volume of a fluid remains constant along a streamline, neglecting friction and other non-conservative forces. This principle will be evident as the streams at each height travel a consistent distance away from the Cylinder when the water level is maintained at a constant depth.

Standing at 49 cm tall, the clear acrylic cylinder will be easily visible throughout the classroom. The inclusion of stoppers allows educators to isolate and analyze pressure dynamics at each height. Additionally, the filler hose barb facilitates easy refilling and maintenance of a constant water depth.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

What’s Included

  • Acrylic Spouting Cylinder 
  • 3 stoppers

Features & Specs

  • Overall height: 49 cm 
    • Height to bottom spout: 15 cm 
    • Height to middle spout: 25 cm 
    • Height to top spout: 35 cm 
    • Height to bottom of fill spout: 46 cm


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