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Classroom Modeling Whiteboards. Convenient 6 packs to supply your classroom!

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Classroom Modeling Whiteboards - Convenient 6 pack to supply your classroom!

Arbor Scientific's Whiteboards are used by school teachers at all levels to check student understanding and make thinking visible and fun. They are mostly used in science classrooms with the modeling method of instruction. Students can use our whiteboards to construct lab write-ups, share experimental data, solve practice problems, compare and contrast ideas, and make their thinking visible to others.

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    • Erasability: High-Quality Melamine surface.
    • Classroom-friendly: Made for heavy use in classroom size.
    • Durability: Extra thickness and solid board back.
    • Design: Rounded corners and Beveled edges to last longer!
    • Interactivity: Rounded handles built in for easy maneuvering

    Details: Six boards, 31.5” x 23.5” and ⅛” thick. For use only with dry erase markers. Available individually (see recommended products)





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