Conceptual Physics Lab Resource Center

Welcome to the Conceptual Physics Lab Resource Center.

More than a long list of every item used in the entire book, this is an interactive tool that will help you choose the equipment needed to fit your curriculum. This new resource feature is still under construction and additional features will be added soon. Select the edition of the Conceptual Physics Lab Manual you are using from the titles below.

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Supplementary Conceptual Physics Labs

Lab activities not available anywhere else! Paul Hewitt, along with writers Dean Baird and Chris Chiaverina, has created a series of Conceptual Physics student lab activities to enhance your student's learning experience. This feature is under construction, but click the link below to preview.

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Conceptual Physics 4th Edition Lab Manual

The 4th Edition Lab Manual by Paul Robinson from Prentice Hall, is full of great new labs and demos, and retains the all the old favorites of teachers across the country!

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Supplementary Resources for Conceptual Physics from Paul Hewitt