Supplementary Conceptual Physics Lab Activities

Conceptual Physics Supplementary Lab Activities by Paul Hewitt

This series of lab activities and experiments created by Paul Hewitt and co-author Dean Baird enhance student's learning experience. Using the menu below you can browse select the labs you would like to add to your class curriculum. Clicking on the Lab title will open a new window with the purpose, discussion content and specific items needed for that activity. Each item quantity is based on a single lab student lab group. Multiply quantities to accommodate the number of student lab groups in your class.

  1. Review topics contained in your curriculum schedule and list key concepts that would benefit from student lab activities.
  2. After reviewing and making decisions using your list to select related labs from the menu below.
  3. Each Lab selection will open a page for that lab. After you have completed your choices for the lab return to this menu for further selections.
  4. After completing your equipment selections or at any point during the process you can click the "Shopping Cart" to see or edit equipment selections. You can navigate between the Shopping Cart and the Lab Menu at any time. You can also print a copy of the shopping cart for reference.

1.0     About Science

2       Unit 1 Mechanics Demos

2.1      Walking the Plank

4.1     Go! Go! Go!

4.7      Sonic Ranger

5.5      The Big BB Race

6.0     Newton's Second Law

6.3b   The Weight

8.0     Momentum

8.2     Egg Toss

9.0     Energy

9.1     An Uphill Climb

9.7      Dropping the Ball

21     Unit III Heat

21.0   Temperature, Heat & Expansion

22.0   Heat Transfer

23.0    Change of Phase

26     Unit IV Sound & Light

26.0   Sound

26.9    Sound Off

27.0   Light

27.6    Pinhole Image

27.7    Pinhole Camera

27.8    Sunballs

29.0   Reflection & Refraction

31.0   Diffractions & Interference

31.4    Laser Tree

32     Unit V Electricity & Magnetism

32.0   Electrostatics

33.0   Electric Fields

33.7    Charging Ahead

34.0   Electric Current

35.0   Electric Circuits

35.1     Batteries & Bulbs

35.3    Be the Battery

36.0   Magnetism

36.8    Motor Madness

37.0   Electromagnetic Induction

Supplementary Resources for Conceptual Physics from Paul Hewitt