Neulog 1.0

How to get started with NeuLog sensors

Make Sense of it All: Neulog Sensors

NeuLog sensors provide the best of both worlds, helping you integrate today’s technology into the classroom to help students better comprehend the key concepts of traditional science studies.

This unique set of plug-and-play logger sensors is highlighted by the WiFi module, which allows any NeuLog sensor to connect to computers, tablets, and smartphones via wireless communication! Moreover, with NeuLog’s modular design, up to five sensors can be connected in a chain so students can simultaneously track experimental variables such as temperature, air pressure, voltage, sound, humidity, and a great deal more! This autonomous plug-and-play concept allows for an easy, precise and fun way of conducting classroom and field experiments.

Flexible, Fast, Simple, Ready for the Future

1. Select type of Sensor

What do you want to measure? Choose from over 40 sensors for physics, chemistry, and biology.

2. Consider your technology

What type of hardware do you have, and or what are the devices your students most commonly have and use? These answers will help you choose how you will send data.

3. Choose Connection type

There are many different ways to view the data and send to your hardware.You can choose from USB, RF, WiFi, or Display Module. Learn more.

Software and Support Material

Download the latest Neulog Software