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Neulog Connection Interface Group

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Neulog Connection Interface Group provides Multiple Connection Options including USB, Wireless, and Viewer.

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Neulog WiFi Module

The wifi module will allows any Neulog sensor to connect to computers, tablets, and smart phones via wireless communication. All software comes pre-loaded on the module and will not require software installation on your computer, tablet, or smart phone. Students simply turn on the wifi module and the module will seek an access point to connect to wireless devices.

Neulog RF Communication Module

The RF Communication module allows remote operation of a single sensor or a chain of sensors. The remote single sensor or chain is connected to an RF Communication module and to a Battery Module which powers them all.

Another RF Communication module should be connected directly to the Monitor Display Unit, or to the PC via the USB module. More than two units can be used to cater for more chains of sensors or more independent sensors.

The PC does not need to have either Bluetooth™ or Wi-Fi™ incorporated. Everything required is built into the RF Communication Module.

Neulog USB Module

This NeuLog module enables a fast connection of the sensors to the PC. It operates with OSX, XP, Vista and Windows7. The USB module is the first in a chain of sensors connected to a USB port of the PC. It provides both power from the PC to the sensors and communication between the PC and the sensors.

The connection to the PC is done by using a standard USB – mini USB connecting cable (camera type). This cable is provided with the USB module.

Neulog Viewer Graphic Color Display Module

The Graphic Display Unit (GDU) is used to run experiments without a PC. The GDU displays the sensor's measurements in digital and graphical forms. It can also be used to program the sensor's experiment setup as well as viewing the input from up to five sensors at a time.

This unit has a user-friendly design with a color graphic display and touch screen. The Graphic Display Unit is used when a PC is not available for each group. It can work with up to5 sensors in parallel.

Sensors are connected to the GDU via its USB (A) socket. Remote connection is also possible by plugging an RF Communication module into it and another into the sensor or sensor chain. This enables both setting up and analyzing the collected data.

Neulog Viewer Display Module

The Viewer Display is a small display module that can be connected to any chain of logger sensors working off-line with a Battery Module.

The VIEW-200 automatically searches for the connected sensors and displays one of them digitally. Scrolling for displaying the reading of another sensor is done by pressing the pushbutton switch on the module.