Car and Ramp Lab

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Experiment with distance, time, velocity and acceleration, Newton's laws and simple machines. The 120cm ramp attaches to the Workshop Stand at angles up to 65°.

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Error and uncertainty become insignificant when using this high-quality Car & Ramp lab equipment

An extruded aluminum track and ball bearings on every moving part of our Car and Ramp system deliver precise, repeatable data when measuring velocity and acceleration. The 120 cm track is exceptionally straight and rigid and is designed for easy mounting to our Workshop Stand and photogates which are all sold separately. Our Car and Ramp will help your students see the point of the experiment instead of getting confused by error-ridden data collection.

The teacher's guide includes five sample labs covering speed, acceleration, gravitational acceleration, inclined planes, and Conservation of Energy on reproducible student worksheets. Our Car and Ramp system is your complete solution.

Please note: The Car and Ramp Lab requires the Physics Workshop Stand and Timer and Photogates. The Physics Workshop Stand has universal use for the following Physics Workshop Labs: Pendulum Lab, Horizontal Projectile Lab, Lever Lab, and Gravity Lab. Please see the Physics Workshop Group for a complete listing of all related products.

Products being sold are not toys. They are for Educational / Labratory use only. They are not for use by children 12 and under.

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What’s Included

1120 cm aluminum track with attachment grooves and tire guide grooves.
1Car w/ball bearing wheels, spring & magnetic bumpers.
2Hooked Weight (10g)
2Hooked Weight (20g)
1Hooked Weight (50g)
2Weight (50g)
1Weight (100g)
1Pulley and String
1Teacher's guide
1Physics Workshop Stand
1Timer and Photogates


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