Physics Workshop Group

The Physics Workshop is a complete solution for the lab equipment you need for physics and physical science students exploring force and motion concepts. Each Lab is supplied complete with curriculum materials.


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Timer and Photogates Timer and Photogates Item # P4-1450
$320.00 6 $288.00
Racing Marbles Lab Racing Marbles Lab Item # P4-1370
$189.00 10 $172.00
Car and Ramp Lab Car and Ramp Lab Item # P4-1405
$225.00 10 $209.00
Pendulum Lab Pendulum Lab Item # P4-1700
$99.50 10 $90.50
Horizontal Projectile Lab Horizontal Projectile Lab Item # P4-1406
$45.00 10 $42.30
Lever Lab Lever Lab Item # P4-1600
$69.95 10 $65.00
Gravity Lab Gravity Lab Item # P4-1380
$13.00 10 $12.10
Physics Workshop Bundle Physics Workshop Bundle Item # P4-1806
$1,125.00 6 $1,069.00
Physics Workshop Stand Physics Workshop Stand Item # P4-1901
$125.00 10 $116.00
Photogate Mounting Rods Photogate Mounting Rods Item # P6-7502
Hooked Mass Set of 9 Hooked Mass Set of 9 Item # 91-1000
$49.95 12 $45.00

Additional Details

The Physics Workshop Group: 

Is a collection of engaging, easy-to-use lab experiments designed for today's physics, physical science, and math teachers.

Crafted from sturdy materials that shrug off abuse, the equipment looks engaging and fun, but is quantitatively accurate and will challenge even advanced students.


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