Experiencing Supercooled Crystallization, Activity Set

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This individual activity set offers an exciting hands-on experience for students learning about supersaturation, crystallization, latent heat, and more.

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Additional Details

This experiment offers students a fascinating hands-on experience to explore the principles of crystallization and energy conservation in chemistry. It utilizes a pouch of supercooled sodium acetate, measuring 4" x 4", visually demonstrating the process of crystallization and the release of latent heat. The best part is that the experiment is indefinitely repeatable, as students can simply boil and cool the pouch to return its contents to the supercooled state.
Students of all ages can benefit from this experiment as it can introduce them to the concept of the conservation of energy. Additionally, it can be used to explain various natural phenomena such as hail or the hydrological cycle. The experiment comes with an instructional guide that covers practical applications, history, and instructions for both qualitative and quantitative experiments.
Through this experiment, students can observe the process of crystallization and gain a deeper understanding of the scientific principles involved. They can manipulate the experiment, touch it, and observe the chemical reactions that occur during the process of crystallization. By doing so, they can learn how energy is conserved during this process and how it applies to larger natural phenomena.

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What’s Included

  • Small heat pad, 4" x 4"
  • 50 g sodium acetate trihydrate
  • Instructional guide


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