Hand Crank Van de Graaff Generator

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Now you can demonstrate all of the classic Van de Graaff experiments for less! Our new hand-crank model can develop potentials of up to 200 kV and produce a spark 80mm long.

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Generating exciting electrostatic experiments has never been easier!

Thrill your high school and middle school students with exciting demonstrations as impressive as Paul Hewitt's. Show sparks fly. Make hair stand on end. Illustrate how positive and negative ions attract or repel, and more. It's easy with our new low-cost Van de Graaff Generator. This hand-crank model can develop potentials of up to 200kV and produce a spark up to 3.2 inches long. Measuring 28" high with a 10" dome, it includes a variety of accessories including a 16" discharge electrode, electric plume, and the electric whirl. Best of all, it's less than half the cost of a traditional Van de Graaff generator, so you'll be able to conduct spectacular electrostatic experiments without breaking your budget.


  • Dome: 10in

  • Overall Ht: 28in

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