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Vector Thingy

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This unique, hands-on manipulative allows students to visualize real-time changes in resultant vectors. Clearly printed angles make it a must for high school physics and math. Ideal for two-vector systems, this innovative teaching tool enhances scalar and vector understanding.

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The realms of Physics and Math are intricately expressed through the language of numbers, capturing aspects like distance, forces, and combined velocities. In these domains, understanding not only the magnitude (scalar) but also the magnitude and direction (vector) of measured quantities is crucial. Students often grapple with visualizing vector addition, especially when dealing with vectors at varying angles. The "Vector Thingy" serves as a tangible aid, enabling real-time manipulation and observation of how resultants change with altered angles. With clearly marked vector angles and supplementary angles for non-right-angled vectors, this tool proves valuable for general vector concepts and specific problems. Designed for high school physics and math students, it aligns with the curriculum of courses like New York State Regents-Level Physics and basic AP Physics dealing with non-right angle two-vector systems. While not intended for advanced problems involving three or more vectors, it serves as a supplemental teaching tool to enhance understanding and is encouraged for use in various educational activities and labs. A lab activity written by the creator of the product provides starting point to facilitate integration into teaching practices.

Products being sold are not toys. They are for Educational / Laboratory use only. They are not for use by children 12 and under.

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What’s Included

  • Vector Thingy 
  • Lab activity

Features & Specs

  • Overall length: 24" 
  • Maxiumum vector angle: 160 degrees 
  • Minimum vector angle: 10 degrees 
  • Material: laser-cut birch plywood, acrylic pointer




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