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  • Simple Model of How the Sky Changes Color at Sunset

    The Sunset Egg is a fun and engaging demonstration on the science of light. The egg is made of “opalescent” glass. This refers to the way it looks different at different viewing angles (similar to the gem’s properties).
    An oil-polished Sunset Egg, lit from below, shows both blue sky and yellow sun.
    To use the egg [...]

  • Conceptual Physics on Vimeo!
    Now you can watch any of Paul Hewitt's Lectures from the Conceptual Physics Alive video series on Vimeo. Rent or Buy digital versions of the entire series. Check out this short 3.5 minute trailer showcasing some of the best demos from the 34 episode series.
  • Newspaper Radiation! [W/Video]


    Radiation is the transfer of thermal energy using electromangetic waves, which includes visible light, infrared radiation, ultraviolet radiation, x-rays and microwaves and radio waves. A camera flash is designed to give off a whole lot of visible light in a short amount of time. The black ink in the newspaper absorbs this radiation and increases [...]

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The Blue-Violet Laser

The wavelength you've been missing!

Take a look at the new blue-violet Laser, which produces wavelengths at 405 nm. Sure, it is a different color and that is always cool, but why use this over any other Laser?

Labs & Activities

  • Momentum - Tailgated by a Dart
    In this lab, students will learn to estimate the speed of an object by applying conservation of momentum to an inelastic collision. Energy is not lost its transferred from one object to another. Students will fire a dart into the back of the free rolling car and measure the distance of the car, calculate the speed of the dart and car, and measure the mass of the car and dart.
  • Density Rods
    The Density Rod Set consists of two rods. The aluminum rod sinks in warm water and floats in cool. This is because cool water is more dense than warm, and the aluminum rod is made to be between those two densities. The PVC rod does the reverse – floats in warm water and sinks in cool. This time, the rod changes more than the water, becoming more dense when it is cool.
  • Quantum Lab (Inquiry)
    Something that is quantized exists in multiples of a set quantity. Examples are charge [1.6 x 10-19C] or quantum energies of photons. Planck and Einstein predicted that light existed as discrete bundles called photons. Since they could not see a unit of photon energy, this lab constructs a model of how quanta was derived and visualized by scientists. In this INQUIRY lab, students will develop their own method for finding the pennies' mass.

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