Neulog RF Communication Module RF-200

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The RF Communication module (RF-200) allows remote operation of sensors.


The RF Communication module (RF-200) allows remote operation of a single sensor or a chain of sensors. The remote single sensor or chain is connected to an RF Communication module and to a Battery Module which powers them all.

Another RF Communication module should be connected directly to the Monitor Display Unit, or to the PC via the USB module. More than two units can be used to cater for more chains of sensors or more independent sensors. The RF module is sold in pairs. Up to 9 pairs can be used in the same classroom.

The PC does not need to have either Bluetooth™ or Wi-Fi™ incorporated. Everything required is built into the RF Communication Module.

Frequency: 2.4 GHz DSSS (Direct-sequence spread spectrum).
Bit Rate: 1 Mbps.
Maximum distance of use in open space: 20 meters (65 feet)

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