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Ideal as a battery replacement for a wide variety of basic electricity experiments, the Genecon generator is a low voltage power source that lets you create electrical current by simply turning a crank.

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Conduct dozens of exciting, hands-on experiments with the Genecon and its accessories.

Ideal as a battery replacement for a wide variety of basic electricity experiments, the Genecon generator is a low voltage power source that lets you create electrical current by simply turning a crank. This ingenious device generates student interest as well as 5 volts of direct current - producing electrical energy through hands-on student effort. Student's enthusiasm is immediate, whether they are third graders lighting a bulb or college students reviewing sophisticated principles such as Ohm's Law or the electromagnetic properties of light.
Made from a sturdy, see-through ABS resin with nylon-plastic gears and handle, the Genecon is designed to shrug off use and abuse. It produces approximately 200 mA of usable current. It is capable of producing up to 12 volts. You can reverse polarity by simply cranking the handle in the opposite direction. And, when powered by another Genecon or low voltage power source, it acts as a motor.

Activities and uses

Some of the activities require accessories sold separately. You can study electron flow, parallel and series circuits, Ohm's Law, motors and generators, energy transformations, and more.
Below is an activity from the datasheet for the Electrical Current and Fields Kit:
Wrap a wire around a compass and secure it with a couple of pieces of cellophane tape. Now turn the wrapped compass until the compass needle is parallel to (in line with) the wire loops. Connect the Genecon to the two leads of the wrapping wire and turn the handle. Which way does the needle deflect? Does the amount of deflection depend on the rate at which you rotate the handle? Explain.
Repeat the above experiment exactly, but rotate the Genecon counterclockwise. What is the result?

Science Standards

In using this product, many of the national and states' science education standards are covered. Some examples are provided here. These are representative, however. Check with your state to find the exact standards.

Elementary and Middle School
  • Electricity in circuits can produce light, heat, sound, and magnetic effects. Electrical circuits require a complete loop through which current can pass.

  • Use electric currents to create magnetic fields.

  • Students know the role of electromagnets in the construction of electric motors, electric generators, and simple devices, such as doorbells and earphones.

  • Describe electron flow in simple circuits.

  • Students know how to design and build simple series and parallel circuits by using components such as wires, batteries, and bulbs.

High School
  • Energy is a property of many substances and is associated with heat, light, electricity, mechanical motion, sound, nuclei, and the nature of a chemical. Energy is transferred in many ways. The total energy of the universe is constant. Energy can be transferred by collisions in chemical and nuclear reactions, by light waves and other radiations, and in many other ways. however, it can never be destroyed. As these transfers occur, the matter involved becomes steadily less ordered.

  • Electricity and magnetism are two aspects of a single electromagnetic force. Moving electric charges produce magnetic forces, and moving magnets produce electric forces. These effects help students to understand electric motors and generators. Measure the thermal and electrical conductivity of various materials and explain the results.

  • Analyze the relationship between an electric current and the strength of its magnetic field using simple electromagnets.

  • Investigate and compare series and parallel circuits.

Products being sold are not toys. They are for Educational / Labratory use only. They are not for use by children 12 and under.

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