Product Videos

Explore our library of product videos and discover new ways to demonstrate and use your products in the classroom and laboratories. These videos also highlight features and benefits that might not be realized otherwise.

Mini Projectile Launcher

Piezo Buzzer in Vacuum Chamber

Investigating Electrical Circuits Kit

Minature Digital Voltmeter

Miniature Digital Ammeter

Introductory Optical System

Electrostatic High-Voltage Genecon

Digital Newton Meter

E-Field Detector

Laser Refraction Tank

The Renewable Energy Education Set

Planck's Constant Apparatus

Subtractive Color Theory Demo

Economy Air Track

Pair of Mega Mirrors

Racing Marbles Lab

Fan Cart

Electricity & Magnetism Light Bulb Demo

Air Core Solenoid, 5A Max

Air Core Solenoid, 10A Max

Electric Swing Apparatus

BeeSpi Photogate Timer

AirZooka Air Cannon

Acrylic Pendulum Wave


Economy Superconductivity Kit

Ferrofluid Display Cell

Dual Red-Green Laser

Inertial Balance Set

Ballistic Car

Car & Ramp Lab

Economy Digital Strobe

PocketLab Voyager

Horizon Energy Box

RSpec Explorer

Magnetic Color Chips

Deluxe Electrolysis Apparatus

Cloud Chamber

Gravity Well

Loudspeaker Kit

Resonance Bowls

Advanced Gas Laws Demo

Deluxe Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope

Doppler Ball

Tesla Coil

Hand Crank Van de Graaff Generator

Colliding Steel Spheres

Monkey and Hunter Demo

Fun Fly Stick

Constant Velocity Car